Retrieve and Edit an Existing Tag Record

To retrieve and edit an existing tag record, choose any of these 4 options.

  1. Type in the exact tag number (if known). If the tag number is unknown, use one of the following options.
  2. Consult the list of unpublished turtles and recently updated tag information, below.
  3. Select Country of Origin from the menu and edit the record of interest from the resulting list.
  4. Select Country of Retrieval from the menu and edit the record of interest from the resulting list.

The search result can be narrowed further by combining Options 3 & 4. Note that you will be required to login before you can edit any record.


Tag number Country of Origin Country of Retrieval Year retrieved Species Life stage
KM00755 Comoros France 2007-08-24 Green (Cm) Adult
KM00755 Comoros France 2007-08-25 Green (Cm) Adult
CO791 Comoros France 2006-07-20 Green (Cm) Adult
CO3388 Comoros France 2009-01-31 Green (Cm) Adult
CO3000 Comoros France 2005-04-13 Green (Cm) Adult
CO2534 Comoros France 2010-08-28 Green (Cm) Adult
CO2496 Comoros France 2005-04-23 Green (Cm) Adult
CO2425 Comoros France 2008-11-17 Green (Cm) Adult
CO1622 Comoros France 2005-08-18 Green (Cm) Adult
A326 France Namibia 1992-09-13 Green (Cm) Adult
CO2906 Comoros Mauritius 2006-01-01 Green (Cm) Adult
CO2643 Comoros Madagascar 2008-12-01 Green (Cm) Adult
RUN0718 Madagascar France 2012-07-20 Green (Cm) Adult
EUR0322 France Madagascar 2012-09-12 Green (Cm) Unknown
EUR0285 France Madagascar 2013-02-27 Green (Cm) Unknown
MG0216 Madagascar Madagascar 2013-05-12 Green (Cm) Adult
MAY710 France Kenya 2004-07-01 Green (Cm) Adult
CO2858 Comoros France 2003-06-01 Green (Cm) Adult
CO1413 Comoros Tanzania, United Republic of 2004-03-10 Green (Cm) Adult
CO4727 Comoros Tanzania, United Republic of 2003-07-01 Green (Cm) Adult