Incomplete records – seeking further information

The following turtles do not appear on the Viewer page (Map/Table) because the records are incomplete or apparently incorrect in some respect.  This may be the case for tags that have been recovered but not yet matched to the original tagging source.  If you, as a Registered User, are in a position to complete or correct the deficient information, please assist by editing the record as required.  Click < View > to see the details of each record, including a comment describing where the information is in need of revision.

Tag Number Country of origin Country of retrieval Year retrieved Species Life stage
RI00511 , RI00512 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Unknown
RI00509 , RI00510 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Unknown
RI00507 , RI00508 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Unknown
RI00505 , RI00506 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Unknown
RI00524 , RI00525 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Unknown
RI00503 , RI00504 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Juvenile
RI00501 , RI00502 Cook Islands Green (Cm) Unknown
HH145 South Africa Mozambique 2000-03-05 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
FF461 South Africa Tanzania, United Republic of 2003-09-08 Unknown Unknown
NN315 South Africa Madagascar 2004-10-13 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
KK082 South Africa Madagascar Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
HH130 South Africa Madagascar 1998-12-29 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
AA592 Mozambique Tanzania, United Republic of 1993-05-04 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
Y081 South Africa Tanzania, United Republic of 1993-07-12 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
Y238 South Africa Madagascar 1992-10-27 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
AA299 Mozambique Kenya 1993-02-16 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
AA535 Mozambique Madagascar 1994-06-20 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
BB288 South Africa Somalia 1995-10-15 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
EE354 South Africa Mozambique 1999-01-03 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
HH613 Mozambique Mozambique 2000-01-07 Loggerhead (Cc) Unknown
R097 France Unknown Green (Cm) Adult